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Goly-Fine-Arts GmbH




Since the 1960s, are of Goly art workshops all kinds of other prizes, awards,

Souvenirs and sculptures produced.


In summer 2009, changed, by the acquisition of the production and distribution division, Individual manufactory of figures, prices and special honor, by Frank Mayer, the name to Goly-Fine-Arts GmbH




Our aim is to be able to fit your needs perfectly. We want your ideas, implemented through the use of modern techniques in quality products.


We manufacture and exclusive single pieces and small series, in a variety of finishes of your needs.



The range of surfaces ranging from cheap paint over patinated surfaces, tin, bronze optics to the elegant 24 carat hard gold-plated design that will meet the highest standards.



Of course, you can also purchase all the products of our diversified standard range, please contact us.




With us you will always find the right thing!




Kind Regards




Frank Mayer CEO.